13 setembro, 2017

Namastê para eles também!

Que tal dar uma pausa e ver a nossa seleção com 10 homens hot fazendo yoga como vieram ao mundo?

Se fossemos vocês, não olharíamos para estes rapazes praticando yoga no trabalho. Sabe como é, as vezes a gente quer fazer atividade física assim: sem se preocupar com o tecido da roupa tocando o corpo. Olha a nossa seleção com 10 garotos. Hot, hot, hot!

Good morning beautiful souls! Good morning @stripdownasanas 💚💚💚 When I read all yoginis posts on #stripdownansanas or #stripdownsundays, I think that we men are less judged… Anyway I still didn’t understand why being naked or showing more of our bodies is such a big deal as we are all made the same way! Those who are being bothered, don’t watch 😉 For me, practicing naked is just the best feeling, I am being me and free! Right now I am missing my outside practice… Next holidays 😀 Never stop loving yourself, if everybody loved himself/herself, the world would be a perfect loving world with no violence! 😉😉😉 Wishing you a wonderful Sunday 💞 ….. #stripdownsundays #stripdownsunday #stripdownasanas #bodyartwork #loveyourself #loveYoselfmovement #nudeyogaart #nudeyoga #nakedyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere  #noedit #nofilter  #yogaworld #infibliss #flyingcrowpose #ximyoga

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Dallo slancio il tocco conferma.

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🌺STRIP DOWN ASANAS DAY 10 #StripDownAsanas round 2 🌺 Hello again beautiful souls ✌️ 😊 I am finally up to date with my contributions, I have to check now all your beautiful posts that I missed during those three days without any phone. Thanks that I could check some from the computer!!! This place’s name is “les vaches noires”, which in english would be translated as “black cows”, due to those black stones that appeared in the past from the sea (fishermen) as cows being on the beach… It is surrounded by cliffs that are freeing a lot of fossiles, I found some of them! This morning was a bit more crowded, but people were quite far from where I did my photo shooting! And anyway what would they say? I guess it’s when you try to hide that you create the incomfort. When you have nothing to hide, (meaning no clothes), it means you already accept every piece of yourself, you’re comfortable with it and it’s fine!!! I chose #flyingcrow pose because I think this challenge is an awesome place to learn how to fly, and this morning I felt I could fly :) And I tend to love this pose lol I would like to thank everyone in this challenge, our fabulous hosts who are carrying everyday so much love and spreading it all over us, our sponsors, and all the awesome participants. I don’t remember on which profile I read it, but everyone here is a winner, because winning selflove is the best gift ever!!! I am so happy about the new page @stripdownasanas and the #stripdownsundays! Will be a great place to get to know you better, as it was so interesting reading about you here!!! I “met” incredible people and I am glad to follow them! Wishing the best for all of you, can’t wait to see your posts 💚💚💚 Hosts: @dwinnerxfit @sultryabyss @namaste_af @rhyannawatson 🌸 Sponsors: @infinitystrap @yogapaws @all_things_om_ @ohhellohair 🌺 #yogachallenges #yogachallenge#igyogachallenge #nudeyogagirl#bodyartwork #loveyourself#loveYoselfmovement #nudeyogaart#nudeyoga #nakedyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere  #yogaonthebeach  #noedit #nofilter  #yogaworld #infibliss #flyingcrowpose #ximyoga

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There is an incredible amount of strength to be vulnerable. To not be afraid to be judged openly or behind our backs. If you follow my feed you know I’m very honest and open and the only reason I do this is to empower others to be open, to share, to accept, to let other people in when there are hard thoughts and hard times. It took me a year to understand why I photograph male nudity. I never asked anyone to take off their clothes and I never seek it but for some reason so many of my friends trusted me to be with them as they are, to accept their bodies fully and to allow themselves to be vulnerable. Alike attracts alike. Bodies are there to use as a tool to spread love and light and for nothing else. It is not about how it looks but how it feels and what this body does in that short period of time we are on earth. The person on the photograph is my friend who taught me how to be open and not being afraid to be judged, how to go through hard times with a lot of light and kindness. Right now he is going through the time of a big change and the way he does it brings so much creativity and light to the world that it is deeply profound. I’m so honoured to be friends with him and enjoy everything he creates from his SoulFeed podcast to his gratitude group and #notetoselfandallwhoneedit hashtag he created and sharing people and places with me when I need it 💙 @shannon.algeo 💙

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